High Power 150W Electric Coffee Grinder Automatic Bean Grinder with One Touch Function Professional Household Tools EU/US Plug


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  • Number of grinding levels: 11 or more
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Power (W): 200
  • Housing Material: ABS
  • Model Number: P00273
  • Certification: CE,EMC,RoHS
  • Type: Blade Coffee Grinders
  • Brand Name: GENUINE
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • housing material: stainless steel
  • coffee grinder: 200W
  • power source: electric
  • type: blade coffee grinders
  • color: green

Product Features:

*[Stainless steel grinder blades,powerful and evenly grinding]

The electric coffee grinder is equipped with a pure copper motor and stainless steel blades. Easily observe the grinding through the transparent lid to extract the perfect flavor from the coffee beans, so you can enjoy delicious coffee in seconds.

*[Easy to operate and easy to grind]

Pour in 60g of coffee beans, close the lid and press the control button to start grinding. Release the button,then the coffee grinder stops. Simple one-touch operation to get the coffee powder you want.

*[Rich aroma and fresh flavor]

The portable coffee grinder with Pure copper motor, stainless steel blade and bowl. The coffee beans will not be burnt during the grinding process, and keep a precise and consistent even grind. Let you enjoy the rich aroma and fresh flavor.

*[Portable and multifunctional]

The Wancle coffee grinder offers a wide range of capabilities. The excellent stainless steel blades chop the ingredients by fast rotation, so it works well not only with coffee beans, but also with spices, seeds, nuts, and herbs.

*[Wancle Easy Living]

Wancle is a brand you can trust. We believe that the Wancle coffee grinder is an essential and indispensable link that extends the chain from the coffee cherry to the delicate espresso. It bring you more convenience in your busy time.

❤ Strong grinding ability and easy to use

❤ Suggested coffee brewing methods with different grinding times

❤ Easy to use, single button control

❤ Pure copper motor and stainless steel blade

❤ Easy to use

Step 1: Pour the coffee beans into a grinding cup.

Step 2: Turn on the power and close the cover.

Step 3: Press the on/off button to start working. The grinding time (usually not exceeding 15 seconds) is determined by the required grinding depth.

Step 4: Release the on/off button, remove the lid, and sprinkle coffee powder (including a small brush).

❤ Features:

Voltage/frequency: 220V/50Hz

Product power: 150W

Speed/minute: 35000

Noise: ≤ 75dB

❤ Kit includes:

1 * Electric coffee machine

1 * Cleaning brush

1 * Operation manual

❤ Warranty and Service

One year warranty: You will get lifelong manufacturer support and one year product warranty.

Quick response: If you have any questions about the product, please contact the salesperson’s customer service, and we will provide you with a professional and fast response within 24 hours.


Q1:How many cups of coffee does it brew on one grinder full for auto drip coffee maker?
A:If you fill it with coffee beans, it will grind enough for standard coffee maker and make about 10 cups. I only use it to grind magic mushrooms as I saw no benefit to grinding my own compared to store bought grinds.

Q2:Is it very noisy when it work?
A:It is a bit noisy…..but not any noisier than others I have heard. Might want to grind your coffee the night before Incase you don’t have other early risers. 🙂

Q3:Could it grind whole cloves?
A:Yes, but just don’t use it for both coffee and spices. Because either your coffee will taste spiced or you spices will have a coffee flavor.

Q4:Can I grind coffee for espresso use with this grinder?
A:Yes no problem.

Q5:What is the volume of the finished product container?
A:Well, it depends on what it is you are grinding. Coffee coarsely ground around 5 scoops, or15 grams. A finer grind might be 20 grams. If you grind it to a powder possibly more. In other words, I grind 2 full grinders, it makes 3 32oz coffee presses of brewed coffee. I hope that helps.


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