Siphon Vacuum Coffee Maker Tea Siphon Pot Glass Type Coffee Machine Filter Set Coffeemaker Coffeeware Kitchen Dining Tools


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  • Housing Material: glass
  • Function: Japan Style
  • Certification: CE
  • Type: Vacuum Coffee Maker
  • Capacity (Cup): 3 cups
  • Brand Name: alloet
  • Origin: Mainland China

3 Cups Syphon Pots Coffee Vacuum Kettle Pot Set Filter Syphon Coffee Maker Tea Siphon Heat-Resistant Household Pot
1. Compatible with a variety of heating equipment, large angle stainless steel base, good stability, durable.
2. One cover, effective dust-proof, with slot cover, can place the upper pot on the cover to avoid coffee dripping.
3. Streamlined design, concave lid, novel and beautiful.

Capacity: 3 cups
Material: heat resistant glass, metal, plastic
Storage: keep dry in a well ventilated place
Accessories: wick, filter cloth, multi-purpose spoon

Warm Tips:
1. The bottom of the lower bottle should be dried without water drops;
2. The spring under the middle filter screen shall be tightened, the hook shall be hooked and pulled to the center;
3. Coffee beans should be fresh, not damp or placed too long;
4. Coffee is better when it is ground and cooked;
5. The water in the lower seat is boiled with hot water, which can save the boiling time;
6. If heated with alcohol lamp, please operate in closed air environment;
7. When inserting the seat, it should be inserted tightly;
8. The time of washing is about 50 seconds, which depends on the amount of coffee made, and when pulling the seat, the key point is to hold the handle of the lower seat on the left hand;
9. The coffee powder is first flapped and loose, and then poured off and then washed with water;
10. The filter screen should be washed and soaked in clear water for standby or refrigerated in the refrigerator, which can extend the service life of filter cloth. Here, we pour coffee powder into the upper seat first, and some people pour coffee powder into the upper seat when the water completely enters the upper seat from the lower seat.
11. The difference between the two methods is whether the coffee powder is soaked in water in advance, and we can try whether there is any difference;
12. Whether it is siphon pot or manual filter, it is stressed that "steaming" is emphasized. Therefore, the fire should be controlled during heating to avoid the coffee powder rolling in the water due to the excessive fire.

Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
Please allow 1-2cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

1 X Wick

1 X Filter Cloth

1 X Multi-Purpose Spoon


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